16oz Si02 Silica Spray Sealant
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$ 34.99

16oz Si02 Silica Spray Sealant

What is Si02 Silica Spray Sealant?

Si02 Silica Spray Sealant is a Hydrophobic Spray Sealant that helps keep the longevity of our Ceramic Coating. This Spray Sealant is easy to use and gives the surface an even slicker and glossier finish. Si02 Silica Spray Sealant can be applied after a wash if the vehicle has been previously Ceramic Coated and can be also used even if the vehicle hasn't been coated as long as the vehicle has been clayed and polished. Si02 Silica Spray Sealant helps bead water from the surface - making it easier to clean and maintain by making it more difficult for dirt and grime to stick to the surface. 

Si02 Silica Spray Sealant contains a similar formula of our Paint Sealant but does not require a long drying time. Simply spray it evenly and wipe with a microfiber towel or even our Rocket Wax Premium Blue Microfiber Towels that are plush and absorbent. This product comes with a Premium Trigger Sprayer to avoid leaks and an even mist.

Directions: 1. Shake product well. 2. Spray on surface or towel depending on the surface temperature. 3. Wipe the surface until product is completely applied and removed. 

Avoid spraying product in direct sunlight/heat to avoid high streaks. You will need proper light to get even application.