3 Ceramic Combo
$ 198.99

$ 235.99

3 Ceramic Combo

Rocket Wax Ceramic Coat Kit

-3 of the 1oz. Ceramic Coat

-3 Suede Applicator Towels and sponges

-3 Dropper

What is Ceramic Coating?

Well, Ceramic Coating has Silicon Dioxide as its main ingredient. This creates a perfect barrier and can be described as an additional clear coat for your vehicles painted surface. When cured, this product will transform itself on the surface to a strong and flexible glass shield. Ceramic Coating contains self cleaning properties and can last up to 3 years if protected properly. Proper washes and maintenance to the vehicle are required. Use Rocket Wax Ceramic Booster to keep the coating protected and hydrophobic. Unlike your typical wax that lasts up to 3 months, this coating becomes a sealant on steroids and can give your vehicle that deep wet look it deserves. 


Directions: Make sure the painted surface has been washed, clayed, polished, and prepped before application. 1.Apply a liberal amount of Rocket Wax Ceramic Coat onto the suede applicator. 2. Work product (Approx. 2-3 SQ. FT) or per panel. Two coats per vehicle will give the ultimate protection.  3. Depending on weather and area of application let product dry for about 2-5min before removing with a microfiber towel. 4. Make sure you remove completely and let the vehicle cure for about 48-72 H